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NFL Player’s Non-Profit Helps Luverne, MN Wounded Soldier

Coping with any injury can be difficult, especially when you have to live with it for life.

Andrew Hanson was serving overseas when he suffered injuries to his legs, forcing a double amputation. The 27 year-old is a pretty positive, optimistic guy. While, often times, it’s a challenge to get around, he’s still smiling.

And this summer, that smile got a little bigger.

“We were driving, patrol, and got hit. One of those deals where the bomb found us first before we could,” Andrew Hanson said.

Hanson describes that fateful day back in May, 2007. A day that took both of his legs and one that’s now long passed.

“Life goes on. I couldn’t sit back. I know a lot of guys that wouldn’t want to go on, they mope a lot, feel sorry for themselves. There’s a lot of life left to live and prosthetics allow me to still do a lot of things,” Hanson said.

Recently, he heard about Vikings defensive tackle Jared Allen’s non-profit Homes for Wounded Warriors project. One that serves to help vets get around a little easier.

Andrew didn’t know what could come of it but applied anyway.

“Went on a fishing trip and thought, when I get back, I’ll get back and get it started. I got a call from Jared Allen himself and he said I was approved, he wanted to help me renovate my home so it’s completely handicapped accessible and a little nicer. That was a pretty cool deal,” Hanson said.

Starting this month, Jared Allen’s team will give Andrew’s home the makeover it needs.

“That’ll be the floor plan after it’s all finished, so you got the wider hallway, new bathroom…”

It’ll be a house perfect for two: he and his sweet companion pup Jackie O, of course, but he’s grateful knowing things could be a lot worse.

“I’ve seen people in worse situations so I’m grateful to have what I have. I think I’m doing a pretty good job, making the best of it. I’m happy. I get to fish, play guitar and hang out with friends, and her of course,” he said. “It’s really outstanding that they’re willing to do this for me, and other veterans. It shows their pride and willingness to help.”

Renovations begin this month and are expected to take around 60 days. Meantime, Andrew will move over to his parents’ home with the renovations to be complete around October.

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