Warrior Profile

Corporal Cesar Garcia enlisted in the United States Army in April 2004 to serve his country and help others. He was deployed to Southwest Baghdad in September 2004 where his life would change forever the following year. While on a mission to recover two prisoners of war on June 16, 2006, Cpl. Garcia suffered critical injuries in an explosion.

Cpl. Garcia’s unit came across the bodies of the POWs when they realized they had been rigged with explosives. During the unit’s exit, a daisy chain exploded and Cpl. Garcia sustained life-threatening injuries, including the loss of his left leg at the hip, pelvic and spinal fractures, and a traumatic brain injury. While attempting to get out, he was also shot multiple times in an ambush.

As a result of his injuries, Cpl. Garcia went into cardiac arrest. When CPR failed, his chest was opened and manually massaged and shocked to revive him. Once stabilized in Baghdad, he was transported to Germany and then to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. Cpl. Garcia required 42 surgeries and 18 months of neurocognitive rehabilitation to recover.

Despite having his life altered forever in combat, Cpl. Garcia has not allowed his injuries to sidetrack his goals. He currently works full-time as a Field Engineer for Sundt Construction and is working to earn his degree in Business with an emphasis in accounting and finance. He plans to continue his education by earning a Master’s degree in 2017 and enjoys his home life coaching his son’s Peewee football team.

Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors has selected Cpl. Garcia as its next home build recipient and will build a home in Arizona that is 100-percent handicap accessible, specifically for his individual needs.

More about our Warrior

Military Rank: CPL

Home State: Arizona

Build Completion: 2017