Staff Sergeant Brent Nadjadi

Staff Sergeant Brent Nadjadi

Military Branch: United States Army
Location: New York
Build Completion: TBD

Staff Sergeant Brent Nadjadi was born and raised in the small town of Bath, New York. A village where today he known as a fitness enthusiast as the co-founder of Project Iron Gym and a local hero following his service and sacrifice in the U.S. Army.

The 2006 Haverling High School graduate had enrolled in junior college but couldn’t shake the desire to do something bigger than himself and serve a greater purpose. Brent’s identical twin brother, Derick had enlisted in the U.S. Army. Six months later, Derick returned home from Basic Training and Brent quickly noticed a positive change in his brother’s attitude and perspective. Inspired by his discipline and motivation, Brent enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Heavy Equipment Operator in February 2008.

A little over a year later, SSG Nadjadi’s was deployed to eastern Afghanistan. His unit (161 ESC, 27th Engineer Battalion out of Fort Bragg, NC) received orders for a two-day mission to conduct route clearance operations. Although he wasn’t supposed to be on the mission, his unit was shorthanded so Brent – now a Sergeant – stepped up. “Clearing bombs off roadways to creates a safe path for coalition forces but also for citizens. There is a great sense of service and comradery.” said Nadjadi. “We all rely on each other to complete these missions. It gives us a better chance of getting everyone home safely.”

September 13, 2010, day two of the mission, Brent’s up-armored vehicle was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and in an instant, everything went black.

Days later, SSG Nadjadi woke up at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl Germany. He didn’t know where he was but was immediately grateful when he realized his friend, comrade and one of four passengers who survived the explosion was beside him.

Brent sustained multiple fractures in both legs and feet, had a crushed vertebra, a broken spine and a broken jaw during the incident. Shortly after the first of dozens of surgeries he spoke with his mother telling her “Mom, I think my deployment may be up.”

“Honey, there’s no thinking about it. It is.” she knowingly replied.

Nadjadi returned to the United States for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. Doctors were optimistic that they could save his legs and Brent began the grueling procedure of limb salvage to prevent amputation. After a year and a half of ongoing medical care and multiple surgeries, his left leg was not making any progress. Brent had to make the difficult decision to move forward with a below the knee amputation.

After spending three long years at Walter Reed Medical Hospital, Brent retired from the U.S. Army in April of 2013. Transitioning from the military was harder that he expected, calling it the most difficult thing he has ever done. The sense of service and comradery is inimitable. Determined to find his purpose, Brent found his calling through fitness and adaptive sports. Brent serves as a player and board member for the USA Patriots “Americas Amputee Softball Team” where they strive to show people that life without limbs is limitless.

Brent kept his right leg for nine years but as he continued his fitness journey, he noticed a gradual decline in bone and tissue. Although he ultimately underwent a second amputation in March 2020, Brent lives his life with positivity and gratitude.

“I might not have my legs but I’m still here. I chose to live a life thankful for the blessings that I still have.” says Nadjadi. “I’m still carrying on a legacy my military brothers and sisters left behind. This the perspective that carries me through.”

Outside of softball and the gym, Brent also enjoys playing cornhole, golfing, hand cycling, and spending time with his two children. Today Brent says he is in the best shape of his life and he enjoys helping others find their strength. Service has always been a part of Brent’s life and he takes great pride in helping others accomplish their goals and Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors is proud to give Brent a strong foundation to keep doing what he loves by making him the latest recipient of a mortgage free, fully accessible home in his hometown where he recently purchased 2 acres of land to live a simpler, quieter life with his son and daughter.

After receiving the call from Executive Director, Alex Karalexis and Jared Allen, a SSG Nadjadi said this “I’m blessed and humbled. Truly grateful.”

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