May 17 – 18, 2019



Jared Allen, celebrities, athletes and musicians playing 9 holes of golf during the day and 9 holes night golf with bootcamp drills, great food/BBQ and beverages, silent auction, hole in ones for new cars, and the longest Slip’N Slide competition followed by an awards ceremony. All proceeds will go toward building handicap accessible homes for our injured United States Military Veterans.


Help Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors make a direct and tangible difference in the lives of our injured veterans. Your contributions go directly toward helping to build or remodel handicap accessible homes for our wounded warriors.


Nestled at the base of America’s largest urban park and wilderness preserve, Arizona’s only AAA Four Diamond all-suite resort features spacious one and two-bedroom suites. Arizona Grand Resort has supported the rich tradition of the game with its unique links course, featuring panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape. Dramatic elevation changes and breathtaking mountain vistas highlight the diverse and challenging par 71 layout.

CPL Cesar Garcia

Corporal Cesar Garcia enlisted in the United States Army immediately after high school in April of 2004 to serve his country and help others. He was deployed to the (Triangle of Death) Southwest Baghdad on September 2005, where his life would change forever the following year when Cpl. Garcia suffered life threatening critical injuries in an IED explosion. While on a QRF mission to recover two prisoners of war on June 16, 2006, His unit came across the bodies of the POWs, and they realized they had been rigged with explosives. During the unit’s exfil a daisy-chain IED exploded and Cpl. Garcia sustained life-threatening to include following; loss of his left leg at the hip (Hip Disarticulation), pelvic and spinal fractures, 3rd degree burns, partial amputation of left elbow, protruding abdomen and intestinal cavities, type IV right femur fracture, and a subdural hematoma or traumatic brain injury (TBI). An ambush followed the explosions, and when exiting the HMVEE, CPL. Garcia was struck multiple times on the chest with a 7.62 round causing his lung to collapse. Despite having his life altered forever in combat, Cpl. Garcia has not allowed his injuries to sidetrack his goals. He currently works full-time as a Safety Engineer with Sundt Construction in Tempe AZ. Cesar has earned his B.S. in Business Management and M.S from Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering in Construction Management with Six Sigma Accreditation and LEAN Certification. Cesar is a motivational speaker encouraging others that dreams are attainable if you have faith and believe in yourself, never give up, never accept defeat. Cpl. Garcia thoroughly enjoys home life, including coaching his son’s sport teams, riding ATV’s, traveling, and spending time outdoors with loved ones. That life has been enhanced by his new home in Peoria Arizona, courtesy of Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, that is 100-percent handicap accessible, specifically for his individual needs.

Army SPC Daniel Tingle

While stationed in Iraq in 2007, SPC Tingle was struck by three motor rounds causing severe injuries to his feet and legs. Daniel has just come back from a patrol mission and was getting his vehicle serviced. The motor rounds, started hitting, and he ducked into his vehicle. When he thought there was a break he jumped out and ran to the bunker, which is when he was injured. However, it was a good call due to his vehicle being hit as well, in the second round of motor rounds that where hitting. Two on the left side, which took out the middle section of his left foot, and one on the right side which left shrapnel in his right foot, ankle, and leg. As a result of his injuries, life-saving surgery was necessary, and SPC Tingle was immediately transported to Baghdad and then to Germany for surgeries to treat the wounds to his feet. SPC Tingle was then moved to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio for further treatment. Here, doctors attempted an experimental surgery using bone and skin from his hip and leg to rebuild his injured left foot. After months in the hospital and in physical therapy, SPC Tingle was able to walk on his rebuilt foot. Unfortunately, this didn’t last and years later, the constant pain became too unbearable to lead a normal life. At the end of 2015 and after 26 surgeries to address the pain and broken hardware, SPC Tingle had his left foot amputated. Most of the pain has subsided, but a new set of challenges remain as SPC Tingle tries to adjust to life with his amputation. A handicap accessible home tailored to his injuries will make a significant difference in his life, allowing him to become more independent and able to perform daily activities without the assistance of others. JAH4WW is honored to build a mortgage-free, 100-percent handicap-accessible home for SPC Tingle and his family.

SSG Travis Dunn

Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Travis Dunn was presented with the Bronze Star Medal for Valor and the Purple Heart after being wounded in combat on December 2, 2014 in Afghanistan. On that day, SSG Dunn and a group of Rangers with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and Afghan special operations soldiers were on a joint operation in Nangarhar Province when they came under attack. The group sustained six hours of direct fire engagement. Despite the assault, the unit cleared multiple insurgent-held compounds and killed more than 25 enemy fighters in addition to rescuing a wounded Ranger. SSG Dunn showed great bravery in the exchange, closing with an armed enemy in a close ambush, as well as on three barricaded shooters. During the assault, SSG Dunn was shot in the upper torso and fell from an embankment, resulting in paraplegia. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, he remains positive. SSG Dunn and his wife look forward to starting a family together in Florida, and Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors is proud to team up with the Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to provide the Dunns with a 100-percent handicap accessible home, built specifically for SSG Dunn’s needs.


U.S. Army Green Beret Sgt. 1st Class Joe Lowrey sustained a gunshot wound to the head during a combat tour in Afghanistan while serving with the 7th Special Forces Group on July 7, 2014. The injury occurred during Lowrey’s third military deployment, just after he and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed their fourth child. Despite being given a small chance of survival by doctors, SFC Lowrey stayed strong through excruciating recovery and rehabilitation. After weeks at Walter Reed, Lowrey woke from his coma with a full memory. He was not out of the woods, however, as his injuries left him without movement on the left side of his body and while he has almost fully recovered his past memories his short term memory is completely gone. Now years removed from the incident, SFC Lowrey remains determined and has his sights set on regaining the ability to walk on his own. Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors would like to assist him by building a home in Rancho Cucamonga, California specially designed for SFC Lowrey and his family, individually suited to fit his needs.