maverick and his family

Sergeant Saul Monroy

Military Branch: United States Marines
Location: El Paso, TX
Build Completion: TBD

During a 2010 deployment to Afghanistan, Marine Sgt. Saul Monroy’s squad was ambushed in the region’s northern mountains. As he repositioned his vehicle during the 3-hour firefight, his vehicle struck an IED, resulting in this loss of his left leg below the knee. Despite his injuries, Sgt Monroy supported his fellow Marines by taping his broken rifle to his damaged leg and continuing to return fire until he was extracted and flown to a medical site. Upon his return, Sgt Monroy underwent numerous surgeries and treatments for his amputated leg along with ongoing nerve damage.

 A slow recovery was made more difficult by Sgt. Monroy’s living situation—a single bedroom El Paso apartment that can scarcely accommodate himself, his young son and all the complexities of living as an amputee. The apartment’s compact layout creates challenges with showering, cooking and climbing loft-style stairs, compromising Sgt Monroy’s independence, his family’s privacy and their quality of life.

 But, even in the face of sizable obstacles, Sgt Monroy has continued to maintain a positive outlook though his dedication to family, his belief in hard work, and his continued involvement with both community outreach and team sports.

 To learn more about Sgt Monroy, how he’s helping his community, and how you can contribute to a home that better meets his needs, just click the link below.

Accessible features

Tailored specifically for SGT Saul Monroy

A home for SGT Saul Monroy, built with accessible features to ease his daily challenges, which will allow him to feel safe and secure.


Veterans with eye related injuries and amputees can struggle with high cabinet shelving. Pull down shelves bring hard-to-reach items down.


Accessible appliances have features that include upfront controls, one hand operation, are easy to open and require no more than five pounds of pressure.


Wider doorways with maneuvering space and zero threshold clearances make entrances that are designed to open doors for everyone.


Custom built showers accessible for wheelchairs and comfortable for people of all abilities include grab bars, slip resistant floors and seating.


Lower countertops accommodate wheelchair users, allow for ease of use and are free of sharp edges. Sinks include knee clearance, space below and shallower depths.


Our homes are 100% accessible and include customizations for the veteran’s pastimes, interests and lifestyle such as flagpoles, dog houses, and hobby spaces.

suprise call from jared allen & jeff mezger


  • Mary Lastinger
    on July 13, 2023, 4:41 pm
    Thank you for your service, I will be praying for you every day that you will get uyur house that you & your son will be able to use so your life will be a lot less trouble. Once again a Big Thank You.

We can’t thank enough, everyone involved in the completion of 18 homes, and counting, built for our nation’s most critically wounded veterans. Their strength and perseverance inspired this foundation, but it’s your support – from the beginning and through these tough times – that allows us to keep serving those who serve us.

From all of us at JAH4WW, thank you.