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Private First Class

Phil Bauer

Military Branch

Marine Corps


Rochester, New York

Build Completion


Warrior Story

Private First Class Phil Bauer’s journey embodies dedication and a steadfast commitment to service. Enlisting in January 2002 at age 23, PFC Bauer embarked on his military career as an Iron Hawk with the 19D Calvary Scouts. On October 31, 2003, he received orders that he was being sent on R & R; however, two days later, on November 2, the military helicopter that was transporting him and around 30 other people was stuck with a missile, plummeting 200 feet to the ground. Only 15 people survived, making this attack the largest loss of troops at the time.

Because of the attack, PFC Bauer sustained multiple injuries, including the loss of four toes, a below-the-knee amputation, burns, scarring, nerve damage, a TBI, and PTSD. In total, he underwent 15 operations and has had 2 revision operations since. After intense rehabilitation, PFC Bauer made the difficult decision to retire from active duty so that he could return to his family and children and begin his new civilian life.

PFC Bauer’s caring and humorous spirit has led him to a passion for advocating for Veterans’ rights and access to service dogs. He became deeply involved with Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD) after receiving his first service dog, Reese, to help aid him in his physical and mental recovery.

He currently resides in a second-floor apartment and is excited to have one-level living, widened doorways, and a handicap-accessible shower. PFC Bauer also looks forward to having plenty of space for his family, pets, and hobbies.

Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors is honored to collaborate with our national partners to design and build a 100% accessible, mortgage-free home to ease his daily life, safely and comfortably.

Please take a moment to honor PFC Bauer’s service and sacrifice by signing his guest book and leaving a message of support below. Consider donating today to help JAH4WW continue its mission of supporting combat-wounded Veterans. Your generosity makes a difference.




Veterans with eye related injuries and amputees can struggle with high cabinet shelving. Pull down shelves bring hard-to-reach items down.


Accessible appliances have features that include upfront controls, one hand operation, are easy to open and require no more than five pounds of pressure.


Wider doorways with maneuvering space and zero threshold clearances make entrances that are designed to open doors for everyone.


Custom built showers accessible for wheelchairs and comfortable for people of all abilities include grab bars, slip resistant floors and seating.


Lower countertops accommodate wheelchair users, allow for ease of use and are free of sharp edges. Sinks include knee clearance, space below and shallower depths.


Our homes are 100% accessible and include customizations for the veteran’s pastimes, interests and lifestyle such as flagpoles, dog houses, and hobby spaces.


Thank You

Since 2009, we have been deeply grateful for the generous contributions that have enabled us to build accessible, mortgage-free housing for Veterans wounded in combat. The resilience and determination of these Veterans has inspired our foundation’s mission; but your support allows us to continue Serving Those Who Serve Us.

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