Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors eases the transition to civilian life for America’s most critically wounded veterans and their loved ones by building homes that are injury-specific, accessible, and mortgage-free. Joining these efforts allows your organization to show its dedication and compassion to our service men and women by really making a direct and tangible difference in soldiers’ lives. Contact us now and add your company logo to the growing list of our supporters below.

As a non-profit partner/donor, your investment makes a real impact on the day to day lives of wounded veterans and their families.

Operation Hat Trick

Operation Hat Trick’s mission is to generate awareness, support, and funding for the recovery of America’s wounded service members and veterans. OHT pursues these goals through the sale of OHT branded merchandise, proceeds of which are distributed to selected organizations supporting the OHT mission.

Thanks for OHT and their mission, we have been able to help veterans, “put a lid on it” and complete our homes.

Support Operation Hat Trick, as they support us.

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Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund

Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund, Inc., is an active duty, casualty assistance, recovery, transition and veterans organization that provides financial support, beyond what the government and veterans affairs can offer, to U.S. Army Rangers and the families of those who have died, have been disabled or who are currently serving in harm’s way around the world.

It’s up to us to lead them back. Support army ranger lead the way fund to help ease these costly burdens and vital living expenses.

Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund has partnered with JAH4WW to complete homes for wounded Army Rangers in Arizona, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Florida.

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White Heart Foundation

White Heart Foundation is committed to serving the needs of our severely injured warriors through direct community support. They fill the gap between the care our government offers to our injured veterans and the care they deserve. White Heart Foundation determines and address each veteran’s most pressing need with the help of your donation—100 percent of which goes toward the warrior.

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Semper Fi & America’s Fund

Our Mission is Critical. Our Duty is Clear. Semper Fi & America’s Fund walks alongside our combat wounded, critically ill and injured service members, military family members, and veterans, from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, by offering tailored support and assistance to ensure our military heroes know that they are not alone. Our case managers, visiting nurses, and entire team support those we serve by helping navigate complex medical and emotional recovery—today, tomorrow, together!

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The Lori Fund

Frank Petruno started The Lori Fund, a 501c3, after his wife, Lori Sullivan, passed away on April 11, 2019. To honor Lori’s legacy of giving, kindness, and love, Frankie is turning his personal tragedy and devastating loss into something powerful by doing what Lori always did, give to others. “Lori was selfless, a great daughter, sibling, friend, mother, and grandmother. Together we shared an unbelievable bond of love and I refuse to let her passing go unnoticed,” said Frankie. “Lori was a military mom, our son Robert currently serves as a Major in the Green Berets. The Lori Fund Foundation supports our veterans in need of help and the children and the families of our fallen military heroes. The Lori Fund has no overhead, so all donations go directly to help others. In a little over 3 years The Lori Fund will have donated over $500k to help others.

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VETSports was founded in 2012 by three combat Veterans who saw a need to help Veterans reintegrate into their communities after returning home from their combat tours. Our non-profit Veterans organization aims to set the standard for how to improve Veterans’ physical, mental, and emotional health through sports, physical activity, and community involvement. VETSports provides thousands of Veterans with continuous opportunities to reintegrate into their communities through sports, community service, events, and partnerships.

VETSports has many established chapter leagues nationwide focusing on team building, health, and giving back to their local communities. Over the past years, the organization has supported Veterans by providing a community of Veterans events and activities, supporting each other in physical and mental pursuits.

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